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DC Analytics

Donor analytics simplified.

DC Analytics is the comprehensive data analysis tool that is changing how nonprofits fundraise. Why do people love it? Because it transforms piles of data into actionable knowledge. Your donor data is the most important element in your fundraising strategy, but only if you understand it.

Buried in files and spreadsheets is a list of your top donors. These donors are the key to your organization’s success. And DC Analytics can easily identify them.

DC Analytics measures the propensity of a donor to provide you with a relationship gift (planned, major, and capital), based on their past giving behavior with your organization. And unlike our competitors, we go beyond wealth screening, because through thousands of conversations with donors, we have learned that why someone gives is much more important than their capacity to give. There are approximately 1.8 million nonprofits in America, but there are only ~618 billionaires. Why should they choose to support your organization? They won’t, unless they have a connection to your cause.

Stop chasing wealth and start building relationships.


How does DC Analytics work?

DC Analytics measures individual donor propensity based on millions of data points for 4 key giving behaviors. It then presents a score ranging from 4 to 42.5.

DC Analytics factors:

  • Current Generosity
  • 10-Year Generosity
  • 10-Year Continuity
  • 10-Year Recency
overall propensity chart

After providing each donor with a propensity score, we then segment your donor database into 5 propensity categories. This allows you to separate your top donors from the low propensity donors that are clogging your portfolios. Removing low propensity donors is just as important as engaging high propensity donors, because calling low propensity donors wastes time, while contributing to burnout and low morale.

From there, we provide a dollar estimate of the value within your database. Based on 28 years of talking to similar nonprofits and donors, we provide projections of your optimal planned giving campaign. We include an estimate of positive responses to your planned giving ask and a financial forecast of both future and present revenues.

targeted-campaignsRun more targeted campaigns

By leveraging DC Analytics, your campaigns will run more efficiently and provide a higher return on investment. Planned giving programs are proven to run at 50%+ higher yields than programs without the benefit of DC Analytics.

money-arrow DC Analytics goes beyond wealth screening

Most donor analytic tools are based on wealth screening which only identifies whether an individual has the financial capacity to be generous. DC Analytics focuses on each donor’s behavior, by analyzing 4 key elements of a donor’s actual giving history to identify their personal affinity with your organization. We can accurately predict how likely someone is to donate to your organization. We are so confident in the power of our analytics, that when you decide to partner with us to execute a DC Analytics powered planned giving program, we will guarantee the results!

pie-chart An Intuitive Dashboard

DC Analytics visualizes your data on an interactive dashboard. The modern and minimalist design, coupled with customizable filtering options allows you to find the data you need with ease. Everything can be populated with only a few clicks! We also include a Planned Giving Builder, so that with a single click you can receive a recommended call list. DC Analytics truly is data simplified.

On the Geo Analysis tab, you can see a visualization of where you donors are located across the world — with their propensity scoring.

And on the Portfolio Analysis page, you can see how your portfolios compare by size, propensity, and contact information. This is key in ensuring that your team stays motivated. In our experience, up to 90% of a database contains assigned low propensity donors.

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6 Reasons to optimize your fundraising with DC Analytics

Our analytics are based on actual donor behavior.

Our analytics are based on actual donor behavior.

Real data is more accurate than any predictive model. We use an
accumulation of 27 years of similar sets of data, generating millions of
data points matched to your donor base, to pinpoint the propensity of
individual donors to give.

We accurately predict giving propensity – beyond wealth scoring.

We accurately predict giving propensity – beyond wealth scoring.

We prove that your wealthiest donors are not necessarily your best
donors. We have the unique ability to go beyond just wealth screening,
analyzing 4 additional quantitative factors to help increase your

We help you optimize development fund performance.

We help you optimize development fund performance.

We give you insight into the giving patterns of your annual donors, in
addition to their major and planned giving potential. When our clients
engage donors with a planned giving campaign, current giving increases
by a minimum of 50%. Even when planned giving has been declined, current
giving has increased by 68%.

We turn data into instantly actionable knowledge.

We turn data into instantly actionable knowledge.

DC Analytics includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to sort and
filter your donor data in just a few clicks. Want to know which donors
are unlikely to give? Click. Curious as to how many donors gave a major
gift within the last 5 years? Click. Want to see how your portfolio
compares to your colleague’s? Click. With DC Analytics, your data is
just a click away.

The ROI makes sense.

The ROI makes sense.

The cost of DC Analytics is covered by the average value of one uncovered
gift — and this does not factor in the additional cost-savings by running
more targeted campaigns. With DC Analytics, your team’s time is better
allocated, and your campaigns perform better because you are engaging with
the right donors. Revenue often climbs by more than 40%.

We identify lapsing donors and portfolio inefficiencies

We identify lapsing donors and portfolio inefficiencies.

It’s great to know what is working, but it’s important to know what isn’t. DC Analytics makes that easy with our color-coordinated visual interface. Easily identify low propensity donors who are assigned to your portfolio, while using filters to display top unassigned donors who are lapsing. In our experience, almost 90% of portfolios are cluttered with low propensity donors, while top donors are lapsing because they are unassigned. DC Analytics allows you to optimize your outreach by focusing on the best donors.