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Relationship Advancement Program

Deepen Your Donor Relationships

relationship advancement program

The Relationship Advancement Program (RAP) focuses on cultivating and fostering relationships with your donors. Through a multi-channel approach, our Donor Relationship Specialists focus on deepening the existing relationships with your top major and planned giving prospects. Each interaction nurtures the relationship and gently guides your donor to choosing to leave a relationship gift.

In our 28 years of talking to donors, we have always prioritized protecting and deepening the donor relationship. That is why our programs perform above industry standards. We believe that all fundraising should be donor-centric. Each conversation should inspire your donor to give, while making them feel good about supporting your mission.

Our donor-centric approach is so powerful that even when a donor chooses not to leave a legacy gift, their annual giving increases by up to 68.3%.

A Relationship Advancement Program (RAP) is the perfect way to prioritize your donor relationships, without taking up your time. Our experienced Donor Relationship Specialists will work with your team to make personal phone calls to your donors. This keeps your top prospects warm, and ready for the next big ask, while encouraging first-time donors to give again.

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Don’t lose your new donors. Prioritize donor retention with a relationship advancement program that drives results.

Donor relationship management shouldn’t be an afterthought. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make that phone call or send that email. Let our Donor Relationship Specialists handle it for you. While we build relationships, your team can focus on advancing your mission — and after a Donor Compass™ program, you will have the funds you need to reach your philanthropic goals.

Watch your donor’s giving journey evolve

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A RAP offers a migration analysis. This means that we will track how each donor’s interest and intention changes over time with personal conversations. We will provide detailed reports of the donor’s intention to give at the beginning of a RAP and at the end of the program. This is a powerful tool to see the true impact that each interaction has on your donors.

Ready to Launch a Relationship Advancement Program?

A relationship advancement program can be included in a Complete or Custom planned giving program. By adding it to the end of a planned giving program, you keep your prospects warm and increase your chances of receiving a few extra gifts. You can even add a RAP after completing a planned giving program with another company. A RAP is the perfect way to improve a disappointing program’s results, because sometimes your donors just need a little extra love.

Planning a capital or major giving campaign? A RAP can be launched prior to your campaign to build momentum and warm your donors prior to making a large ask.

As the experts in relationship-building, we believe that any time is the right time for RAP. By maintaining consistent contact with your donors, each donation request will be easier. Whether it is a planned gift, a major gift, or monthly donations, a RAP will inspire your donors to support you whenever they can.

Prepare your organization for tomorrow by launching a relationship advancement program today!

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