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About Us

We have worked with over 200 different nonprofit organizations across North America. Our clients vary in size and sector. We have partnered with clients in the following areas: Animals & Environment, Arts & Culture, Health & Diseases, Post-Secondary Education, Hospitals & Children’s Hospitals, Hospices & Long-Term Care, Religious Organizations, and Social Services. To learn more, please click below.

Notable Clients | Success Stories

No, we do not offer wealth screening as part of our products and services. This is a deliberate choice, because capacity to give does not equal propensity to give — just because someone has the financial means to be charitable, does not mean they will choose to be.

Wealth screening has been criticized for helping to perpetuate biases against women and people of color. People choose to hold and share wealth differently, and there is no guarantee that a wealth screening will recognize all forms of wealth, especially now with the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Instead, we choose a more holistic approach. DC Analytics scores donors based off four key behavioral giving traits. We analyze their past giving experience with your nonprofit to accurately predict their giving propensity.

Want to learn more about why you should avoid a wealth screening? Click here.

Protecting your data is our top priority. By partnering with Donor Compass™, you can feel confident that you and your donors are protected. Our safety and privacy measures include:

  • HIPPA and HECVAT compliant
  • SOC 2 certified data center and call management
  • Firewall protection, real time alerts, and 24/7 intrusion monitoring
  • Encryption at rest on all nodes​
  • Secure FTP site for all data exchange

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Donor Compass™ strives to foster an inclusive and diverse space, where employees have the support to be who they are. We have employees from across North America, each with their own story and background. Diversity betters our team, as each unique perspective allows us to challenge ourselves and improve our services. At Donor Compass™ every voice is heard and respected, and individuality is celebrated.

We promote equity and inclusion in our fundraising services by offering a multi-channel outreach approach, so that donors of all ages and abilities can engage with your nonprofit. We connect with donors through mail, phone, and email. And this goes without saying, but we ensure that each donor is treated with care and respect.

Our PG Survey is our high-impact, low-cost product. Through an online survey, you can reach out to thousands of donors and gain insights about where they are in their giving journey. Our PG Surveys are unlimited, which means that you can reach out to your entire database (although, we recommend a slightly more targeted approach).

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Yes, we offer virtual and in-person focus groups. We can conduct virtual focus groups via phone or video conferencing.

Donor Compass™ rebranded from Legacy Leaders because we realized that our company and product offerings were outgrowing our name and branding. We started as the leaders in legacy giving, and although that is still true, we are now proud to offer more. From 27 years of talking to donors, we have learned key insights that can be applied to various fundraising programs — beyond planned giving. We are now helping clients with annual and major gift programs, along with administering planned giving surveys, which is a low-cost solution to identifying where your donors are in their giving journey. But the biggest, and arguably most exciting, change is our expansion into donor analytics.

We launched DC Analytics because we recognized a lack of secure, accurate, and intuitive donor analytic tools in the nonprofit sector. Most products are based on wealth and capacity, but very few are behavior driven. From our experience, how a donor feels about and engages with an organization is more important than how wealthy they are. Capacity does not equal propensity, which is why we launched DC Analytics. Now that we offer data analytics, we wanted a name that goes beyond planned giving. And we thought a little makeover wouldn’t hurt either. Our new branding represents who we are now, and who we hope to be in the future: innovative fundraising experts who you can trust.

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Periodically we offer promotional pricing for our email subscribers. To stay up to date on the latest deals and products, join here.

PS: we won’t spam you and you have the option to opt-out at any time.

DC Analytics

DC Analytics scores donors based off four key behavioral traits. We use millions of data points and machine-learning to score each donor from 4 to 42.5. DC Analytics measures:

  • Current generosity: Amount donated within the past two years
  • 10-year generosity: Amount donated within the past 10 years
  • 10-year continuity: Consistency of giving over the past 10 years
  • 10-year recency: Most recent gift date
  • As you can see, giving propensity is based off actual giving behavior with your organization. This is much more accurate than companies that focus on capacity only.

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DC Analytics allows your fundraising campaigns to perform better and more efficiently. When used in a planned giving program, you can receive 50+% high yields. The secret? Identifying the right donors to include in your campaign.

DC Analytics scores a donor’s propensity to give based of four behavioral traits. We analyze how each donor has interacted with your organization over the past 10 years to accurately predict their propensity to leave a relationship gift. Our planned giving programs’ average conversion has increased from 27.6% to 36.7% since the implementation of DC Analytics. This is a huge improvement, and truly shows the power of DC Analytics.

We are so confident in DC Analytics’ prospecting accuracy, that we will guarantee results on any program that uses it. It really is that good.

DC Analytics is a multi-use donor analytics tool, which means that it is beneficial for all departments. We find it most useful for:

  • Prospect Research and Data
  • Planned Giving
  • Major & Capital Giving
  • Annual Giving
  • Event Planning
  • Financial and Strategic Planning
  • Development Officers
  • C-Suite and Leadership
  • Marketing & Communications

Yes, we offer an annual subscription for DC Analytics. Each year you will receive two re-runs of DC Analytics, along with the bonus of a differential analysis as we monitor year over year changes.

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None, DC Analytics is designed to be used by anyone and everyone. We do provide free training during the hand-off, so that you and your team can leverage its full capabilities. If at any point you have additional questions or require help, our team will be happy to assist.

Fundraising Programs

As humans, we all crave connection. We are social beings who thrive on close relationships. And as much as you may want to believe that logic and reason drive your decisions, emotions play a part as well. This is why it is so important to create meaningful relationships with your donors.

The relationship between a donor and a nonprofit is a lot like the relationship between two people. The more your partner, friend, or associate demonstrates their commitment to you and your interests, the more you grow to appreciate, trust, and invest in them. By learning more about what motivates your donors and demonstrating that you are working with them to achieve their philanthropic goals, the more they will believe in your commitment to them. This, in turn, will enhance their commitment to the goals, objectives, and future of your organization. It’s all about building positive, mutually rewarding relationships.

Our fundraising campaigns offer an integrated proactive approach. We use mail, email, and phone to engage with your donors.

Donor Compass™ has run highly successful planned giving campaigns for organizations of all sizes. Although we do not have a required minimum, we do recommend including at least 500 donors in a program. We will help you identify your top planned giving prospects.

To learn more, click here.

You can also click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists to decide how many donors are right for your program.

Yes, each program offers a dedicated program manager (PM). One point of contact makes for a more seamless approach.

Your PM will be available to answer your questions by phone or email, provide updates and reports, and ensure the program meets its goal and deadlines. You will have regular meetings with your PM and you will have access to daily call logs.

Of course! Your program manager will walk you through the timeline before the program launches, and we always work around your existing campaigns and deadlines.

Yes, our fundraising programs include email validation for all donors who will be part of the program. We currently offer a phone append for US donors only, but we are working towards offering a phone append for all donors.

Our goal is to provide clients with campaigns that cost <5% of Current Dollar raised.

Our planned giving programs are proven to increase current and major giving. Our clients have noticed an increase in current giving specifically from the donors that we have spoken to. This is because our planned giving program is focused on building relationships. Even if a donor is not ready to leave a planned gift, our goal is to deepen the relationship and encourage current giving. In fact, one of our clients experienced a 62.6% increase in current giving in the five years after Donor Compass™ ran a planned giving program for them. Another client received a six figure gift, along with many other major gifts, while the program was still running. This just shows the power of data-driven relationship building.

Yes! All calling is done in-house by our Donor Relationship Specialists. To learn more, click here.