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Donor Relationship Specialists

Meet our relationship building experts!

At Donor Compass™, our priority is to build meaningful relationships with your donors. As you well know, your relationship with your donors and supporters is a lot like the relationship between two individuals. A good, lasting relationship develops when the involved parties commit to learning about, appreciating, and supporting each other. The more you show your donors/supporters that you trust and are invested in them, the more likely they are to engage with and support your organization.

dr-1Donor Relationship Specialists (DRS’s) are the experts at building relationships. 


Since 1995, we tried numerous approaches to find the optimal outbound calling system. Eventually, we came across a company that provided us with a customized call program according to our outbound relationship building requirements. Today, our calling system has high outreach rates, and manages callbacks efficiently. And none of this would be possible without our Donor Relationship Specialists. Our DRS’ at Donor Compass™ will engage your supporters, learn more about what motivates them and demonstrate that you recognize and are working with them to achieve their unique philanthropic goals. This, in turn, will enhance their commitment to the goals, objectives, and future of your organization.

dr-2It’s all about building relationships.

Our DRS’ conversational skills, personality traits, planned giving knowledge, and experience make them the best in the business. Additionally, our DRS’ will converse with hundreds (or thousands) of your donors about giving. These conversations are relationship focused and will build donor loyalty even with those donors who do not want to engage in a conversation about planned giving. They will identify the individuals in your donor base that have an interest in potentially making a planned gift. With this information, your organization will be able to plan and direct appropriate resources, whether in-house or by partnering with Donor Compass™, to work with these qualified planned giving prospects toward formalizing their gifts.

All Donor Relationship Specialists:

  • Fit the personality profile for individuals likely to be successful at engaging donors and supporters in meaningful phone conversations about their philanthropy goals and your organization.
  • Have completed an extensive 60-hour training program that is individually tailored to ensure they have the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to be effective phone consultants.

Hear a sample call between our DRS and a donor of one of our clients here.