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Focus Groups

We Focus on Why Your Donors Give

At Donor Compass™, our priority is to build meaningful relationships with your donors. And the best way to do that is to get to know your donor — beyond their giving history. We facilitate focus groups to learn why your donors support your mission and how they perceive your nonprofit.

Benefits of a Donor Compass™ Focus Group:

  • Conducted in-person or virtually
  • DC Analytics selects quality donors
  • We handle everything — coordination, facilitation, and compilation
  • We deliver actionable results, finding meaning and value in your donors’ responses
  • Guaranteed privacy and anonymity for your participants
  • Results are proven to supercharge future campaigns

A focus group is included in a Complete Program, but it can also be purchased as a stand-alone product. It is recommended to conduct a focus group prior to launching a campaign, crafting a Support for Cause, or modifying your nonprofit’s branding.

The reason why your donors give is a powerful driving force towards fostering donor relationships and increasing revenue. It all comes down to understanding how your brand is perceived by the people most important to your nonprofit. Our focus groups help you to understand why your donors choose to support you, how they like to be involved and communicated with, and how you can show gratitude in different ways. Our focus groups give your donors a real voice, which in itself, deepens the relationships and strengthens their commitment.


Focus Groups Provide Key Insights

Donors caring about your organization

1. Understand key motivational factors for why donors give

It is important to understand why your donors support you. This allows you
to build effective development strategies to retain current donors and
attract new donors. This is vital information when crafting a Cause for
Support, because you are able to write it in a way that best resonates with
your donors.


2. Determine knowledgeability about legacy giving

40% of surveyed planned giving donors learned about planned giving from a
nonprofit organization. While your donors want to support you, they may be
unaware of the different ways they can give. We use focus groups to find out
how many of your donors know about planned giving, and how they feel about
leaving a planned gift. This is the perfect way to start the planned giving
conversation, without making a direct ask.


3. Understand where your donors are in their giving journey

Focus groups can help to identify where your donors are in a moves
management system — or their giving journey. Have they already left a gift?
Is planned giving a new concept for them? By understanding where your donors
are in their giving journey, you can more effectively plan future campaigns
and fundraising events.


We receive key insights from our research with focus groups, but that’s not all. The research enables us to understand the emotional touch stones that formulate the relationship between the donor and the client. The focus groups help us learn about the issues your supporters are most concerned about and what their perception of your brand is, which allows us to test different approaches in our fundraising campaigns. Our focus groups are highly successful because donors love having the opportunity to voice their opinions, which in turn makes them feel appreciated and valued. We have had many individuals come out of our focus groups and leave a planned or major gift because they feel more connected to the cause. Even if a donor doesn’t leave a gift, their bond towards the organization only grows stronger. And as we always say, our goal at Donor Compass™ is to protect and deepen donor relationships.

Get to know your donors with a Donor Compass™ focus group.

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