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Why Should Your Nonprofit Partner with Us?

Reasons To Partner:


The Planned Giving Experts for 27 Years

In 1995, we started as the 1st direct response fundraising vendor to introduce a planned giving program. After hundreds of successful programs (and hundreds of millions of dollars raised), we are recognized as the leaders in planned giving. We pride ourselves on steady business from repeat clients and referrals, industry-high conversion rates, and planned giving programs that generate annual and major gifts.

Why are our programs so successful? Our integrated approach leverages the best planned giving practices with highly targeted direct response marketing and leading-edge relationship advancement. But the real secret to our success? By focusing on building meaningful relationships with your donors.

Our programs perform because:

  • We use an integrated approach of mail, phone, and email
  • Our in-house Donor Relationship Specialists handle each call with care, and we provide daily call logs and reports for your review
  • We use DC Analytics to strategically select the best donors to include in each program.

No matter your budget, our programs drive results.

Donor Compass™ Planned Giving Program Quick Stats:

  • Average positive conversion rate of 36.7%
  • Healthcare planned giving programs have an average positive conversion rate of 42.5%
  • Upper education planned giving programs have an average positive conversion rate of 40.1%
  • Our planned giving emails have an average open rate of 65.4%

We Build and Protect Your Donor Relationships

At Donor Compass™, we believe in relationship-first fundraising. This means that our goal above all else is to protect and deepen the donor relationship.

After 27 years of talking to donors, we understand the importance of why they give. And, it’s not about tax right offs, celebrity endorsements, or fancy marketing campaigns. The number one reason for why people give is because they care about the cause.

At Donor Compass™, we use an integrated approach led by our Donor Relationship Specialists to remind donors of why they care about your cause. During phone conversations we ask donors why they support you. It may sound simple, but by verbalizing their reason for support, their commitment to your cause automatically deepens.

We understand that one meaningful conversation is more valuable than 100 cold, scripted calls. If your only goal in a conversation is to ask for money, it will be transparent. This is why we take our time with each conversation. We make a connection. We focus on the donor. And then we tie it altogether to lead up to the ask. And this approach works. Just check out our conversion rates.

Our Donor Analytics are Based on Actual Donor Behavior

Real data is more accurate than any predictive model, and DC Analytics proves it.

DC Analytics measures the propensity of a donor to provide you with a relationship gift (planned, major, and capital), based on their past giving behavior with your organization. And unlike our competitors, we go beyond wealth screening, because through thousands of conversations with donors, we have learned that why someone gives is much more important than their capacity to give.

We use an accumulation of 27 years of data, generating millions of data points matched to your donor base, to pinpoint the propensity of individual donors to give. DC Analytics accurately and precisely predicts giving propensity by scoring your donors from 4 to 42.5. Each score considers four key behavioral traits:

  • Current Generosity
  • 10-Year Generosity
  • 10-Year Continuity
  • 10-Year Recency

By factoring behavior, instead of wealth, you can identify your strongest supporters and the best candidates for a relationship gift.

Learn more about how your nonprofit can leverage the intelligence of DC Analytics.

We’re Serious About Security

Donors trust you with their personal information, and you trust us with your donors. We understand the risk of cyber-attacks, which is why Donor Compass™ has taken extra precautions to protect your donor data.

Our Security Measures Include:

  • HIPAA complaint
  • HECVAT compliant
  • SOC 2 certified data center and call management
  • Firewall protection, real time alerts, and 24/7 intrusion monitoring
  • Encryption at rest on all nodes​
  • Secure FTP site for all data exchange

Your nonprofit’s data security is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we take the highest measures to protect it.

Learn more about how we are keeping your data safe.

We Guarantee Results

When you purchase a Complete or Custom planned giving program, we will guarantee your results. Other companies may sing their own praises, but at Donor Compass™, we put our money where our mouth is. Never end a program feeling disappointed again. Money spent with no results? Not over here. Partner with us and feel confident knowing that you will receive the results that you expect.

Our Products and Services Offer Multiple Benefits — Often for Years to Come

Whether you launch a Donor Compass™ planned giving program or an annual giving program, or perhaps you just want a taste of our donor analytics, you will reap benefits for years to come. Unlike other service providers, we do not offer single-use products. Everything that we offer is an investment into the future of your nonprofit.

This is because of our dedication to building strong donor relationships. When someone feels connected to your cause, they will support you for years to come. Even in tough times, when financial support is not be feasible, they may volunteer at events or promote you on social media. This level of commitment pays dividends year after year.

In addition to building donor loyalty, many of our programs inspire various forms of giving. For example, our planned giving programs often generate current or major gifts. Our annual and major giving programs also identify planned giving prospects and help start the planned giving conversation.

DC Analytics, our donor analysis tool, provides a multi-function approach to donor analytics. Although propensity scoring is our clients’ favorite feature, many use it for portfolio optimization, data organization, and identifying lapsing donors too. It can also be used to plan campaigns and create calling lists.

We understand that your funds and resources may be limited, which is why we promise to provide valuable products that optimize your fundraising.

We Use a Holistic Approach

When you partner with us, we make recommendations based on your entire organization and donor base. Our holistic approach will help you decide what is best for your organization in the short-term and the long-term. Each organization is unique, and what may work for one nonprofit, might not work for another. Donor Compass™ offers free consultations to understand your needs and to ensure that you are receiving the right product or service for your nonprofit — and we will never recommend a product or service that will not benefit you.

And above all, we promise to always protect your donor relationships. After talking with our Donor Relationships Specialists, your donors will feel more connected to your cause, which encourages future giving.

We Value Our Client Relationships

When you partner with Donor Compass™, you aren’t just a number or a revenue stream. You truly are a partner. Your successes are our successes. Your donors are treated like our own. As a relationship-first fundraising company, we understand the power of meaningful relationships — and that extends to our clients.

When asking our repeat clients why they enjoy working with us, there is a common answer: Because our team is a pleasure to work with. It’s as simple as that. Your day is better when you like who you work with, and at Donor Compass™, we promise a friendly, compassionate, and responsive team to help you succeed.

Check out our past and current clients to see who we have worked with and how the experience has benefited their organization!