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Planned Giving

Start Securing Planned Gifts

Donor Compass™ was the first direct response fundraising vendor to introduce a planned giving program. We combine planned giving best practices with highly targeted direct response marketing and leading-edge stewardship. Our unique process has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations. But it doesn’t stop there. Our approach also encourages annual and major giving, while fostering meaningful relationships with your donors.

average open rate

Average open rate for planned giving emails

average open rate 2

Average position conversion for healthcare planned giving programs

average open rate 3

Average position conversion for upper education planned giving programs

Why are our planned giving programs so successful? It’s all about data-driven relationship building.

Your relationship with your donors is a lot like a relationship between two individuals. A good, lasting relationship develops when both parties commit to learning about, appreciating, and supporting each other. The more you show your supporters that you appreciate, trust, and are invested in them, the more likely they are to engage with and support your organization.

Our in-house Donor Relationship Specialists are the difference between a successful program and a transformational program. They will engage your donors through a multi-channel approach, while focusing on what motivates them to support your cause. Through personal, donor-centric conversations, our Donor Relationship Specialists will remind your donors of why your cause is so special, while informing them of the impact that a planned gift can make. They will show your donors appreciation for their continued support, and remind them that your organization is working alongside them to achieve their unique philanthropic goals. This will enhance their commitment to the goals, objectives, and future of your organization. It’s all about building positive, mutually rewarding relationships.

phoneWe have had over 552,000 conversations with donors.

Our Programs

We offer three program types to meet every organization’s unique budget and needs. Our Complete, Custom, and Lite planned giving programs are designed to optimize your fundraising efforts, without breaking the budget. We will identify your top prospects and guide them towards making the decision to leave a planned gift. And we are so confident in our programs’ success, that we can guarantee results on a Complete or Custom program. That means no more surprises or disappointments. When you start a planned giving program with us, you can feel confident that it will yield transformational results.

Planned Giving Program Highlights

  • Donor prospecting powered by Donor Compass™ Analytics
  • Personalized mail, email, & phone outreach
  • Training with our in-house Donor Relationship Specialists
  • Daily reporting and call logs
  • Donor cultivation and stewardship
  • Guaranteed results on a Complete or Custom program

We have partnered with over 200 nonprofits to execute 350+ successful
planned giving programs — raising hundreds of millions of dollars in
bequest revenue for our clients. And year over year, we continue
improving. Our all-time average program conversion is 27.6%, but our
average program conversion in the past 5 years is 36.7%. That’s a huge
increase, and it is all thanks to our results-driven, client-first
philosophy. We only succeed when you do.

Get started

planned giving program highlights


Planned Giving Programs Overview:


Pre-Campaign Development:

  • Unique Client Summary
  • Testimonial Letter
  • Legacy Gift Confirmation Form
  • Donor Relationship Specialist Training3

Initial Mail Package:

  • Personalized Testimonial Letter
  • Legacy Gift Confirmation Form
  • Reply Envelope4

Initial Phone Contact:

  • Comprehensive Daily Reporting

Post Call Thank You Mailing:

  • Personalized Thank You Letter
  • Legacy Gift Confirmation Form
  • Reply Envelope4
  • #10 Outer Envelope

Follow-up Confirmation Call:

  • Comprehensive Daily Reporting

Post Confirmation Call Thank You Mailing:

  • Personalized Thank You Letter
  • Legacy Gift Confirmation Form
  • Additional Planned Giving Information5
  • Reply Envelope4


Everything in Lite, plus:

  • Full Guarantee on Project1
  • Campaign Theme (3 Options)
  • Themed Brochure & Campaign Stationery2
  • Themed Brochure
  • Full program customization. Pick and choose what you would like from the Complete program, without paying Complete pricing


Everything in Lite, plus:

  • Full Guarantee on Project1
  • Focus Groups

Cultivation & Stewardship:

  • 3 Years With 2 Independent Mailings per Year
  • Up to 2 Calls per Year
  • Post Call Follow-up Mailings
  • Comprehensive Daily Reporting
  • Re-categorization of Planned Giving Decision