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Talk isn’t cheap. Start engaging with the right donors and watch your revenue soar.

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Who We Are

For the past 28 years, Donor Compass™ has been trusted by nonprofit organizations across North America to optimize their fundraising strategies and foster meaningful relationships. We started as Legacy Leaders, the first direct response fundraising vendor to introduce a planned giving program. Our integrated approach has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in bequests, while increasing major and current giving.

Over the years, we recognized a lack of secure, accurate, and intuitive donor analytic tools in the nonprofit sector. And as the saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. So, we introduced DC Analytics. This growth sparked our company rebrand. We may have a new name and look, but our promise is the same: to deliver results through data-driven relationship building.

We are still the leaders in legacy giving, but now we are proud to offer a variety of products and services — many of which are yielding 50%+ higher results because they are powered by DC Analytics.

who we are

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Why Donor Compass

Donor Conversations

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Planned Giving Programs

Our mission is to advance the growth of philanthropy by using research, analysis, and learning from our donor interactions. We do this by providing clients with customer focused services and their donors with donor centric programs. Our guidance to clients is driven through our expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and our extensive experience in relationship building with donors.

We recognize the trust that clients bestow upon us, and our actions are always guided by protecting that trust above all other considerations. We achieve this by cultivating a work environment that values and respects all employees and encourages their inputs, from all positions, to provide the best client experience possible.

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Planned Giving

As the first direct response fundraising vendor to introduce a planned giving program in North America, you probably have high expectations. And rightfully so. Our programs have an average positive conversion of 36.7%. This is because our in-house Donor Relationship Specialists use an integrated multi-channel approach to engage your top donors in meaningful conversations. The goal is to remind your donors of why they choose to support you, while gently guiding them towards the decision to leave a planned gift. Our Complete and Custom programs are so successful that we can guarantee your results.

Our integrated planned giving programs include:

  • DC Analytics powered prospecting
  • Personalized phone, mail, and email outreach
  • A dedicated program manager, with daily reporting and call logs
  • Training with our in-house Donor Relationship Specialists
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Data Analysis

DC Analytics is the comprehensive data analysis tool that is changing how nonprofits fundraise. Buried in your files and spreadsheets is a list of your top donors. And DC Analytics can easily identify them.

Most donor analytic tools are based on wealth screening, which only identifies whether an individual has the financial capacity to be generous. DC Analytics analyzes 4 key elements of a donor’s actual giving history to identify their personal affinity to your organization, and how likely they are to donate.

  • We accurately predict giving propensity — beyond wealth scoring
  • Our analytics are based on actual donor behavior
  • Optimize your portfolios and development fund performance
  • No more spreadsheets
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What Our Customers Say

“The campaign with Legacy leaders has exceeded our expectations. In addition to the direct benefits to our planned giving efforts we have also gained additional value from the donor information they have been able to generate.”

– VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation


“Donor Compass gave us strategic insights into our data that will help guide future approaches.”

– University of Manitoba


“Donor Compass has been a really valuable tool for STARS. It highlighted some of the untapped potential of our database in ways we hadn’t previously considered and helped us look at many of our donors in a new light. Our legacy giving and major gift teams are excited about how this will help them increase donation revenues both now and well into the future.”



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