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5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs DC Analytics

A man is using DC Analytics to look at the donor data in his nonprofit

Is your nonprofit drowning in donor data? Do you feel like you are wearing multiple hats and have too many things on your plate? Is the thought of another rejection phone call stressing you out? Then you might need to upgrade your donor analytics.

Nonprofits have high pressure deadlines with limited resources. In a recent survey, 34% of nonprofits said they had a job vacancy rate of 10% – 19%. Finding the right team members may be challenging but finding the right tool to optimize your fundraising isn’t. DC Analytics is the affordable donor analytics tool that is transforming how nonprofits fundraise. It will visualize your data, identify your top donors, highlight inefficiencies in your organization – and so much more!

Here are 5 reasons why your nonprofit needs DC Analytics.


1. Our analytics are based on actual donor behavior

Real data is more accurate than any predictive model. DC Analytics is based on 27 years of live data, along with thousands of conversations with donors – over 600,000 conversations and counting. Our philosophy is to understand why donors give, rather than how much they can give. This is important because caring about the cause is the top reason for why people give. It doesn’t matter how much wealth someone has, if they don’t care about your cause, they won’t donate.

DC Analytics uses an accumulation of similar sets of data, generating millions of data points matched to your donor base, to pinpoint the propensity of individual donors to give. Since we use live data, DC Analytics is constantly changing and improving. The more we learn, the more advanced our scoring becomes. We’ve lost count of how many versions and improvements we have made, but you can feel confident that you are always receiving the latest technology to fuel your fundraising.


2. We accurately predict giving propensity ­– beyond wealth scoring

Money makes the world go round.

But that doesn’t mean that your wealthiest donors are your best donors. Wealth screening only offers insights on the financial capacity of donors, regardless of their desire to be charitable.

DC Analytics goes beyond wealth screening. Instead, it analyzes how donors have interacted with your nonprofit over the past 10 years. DC Analytics considers:

1. Current Generosity

How much has the donor given in the past 24 months?

2. 10 – Year Generosity

How much has the donor given in the past 10 years?

3. 10 – Year Continuity

How often has the donor given in the past 10 years?

4. 10 – Year Recency

When was the last year the donor gave?

Our unique ability to analyze these factors will give each of your donors a giving propensity score. Then we segment the donors into five propensity categories, which will allow you to see who your top donors are. Now you can reach out to the right donors and spend more time and effort connecting with them. Stop chasing wealth and start creating relationships.


3. Instantly increase your fundraising performance

It doesn’t matter how many phone calls you make in a day. It doesn’t even matter how many conversations you have in a day. If every conversation is with an uninterested donor, then every conversation will end the same: with frustration, disappointment, and most of all, without a gift.

You need to start prioritizing the quality of your conversations over the quantity. And DC Analytics can help. DC Analytics accurately predicts the giving propensity of your donors. This is based on their past giving patterns with your organization, and those four key behavioral traits mentioned above. Now you are aware of which donors are more inclined to give. This is helpful because if you spend hours reaching out to donors, without knowing who is more willing to give, your efforts may be futile. It can also contribute to low morale and burnout. Instead, you save time and increase revenue by hand picking the right donors to cultivate.

This is beneficial for your nonprofit, because when you engage with the right donors in a planned giving campaign, current giving increases by at least 50%. And in cases where a donor declined to leave a planned gift, their current giving increased by 68%. Running more targeted campaigns is always a win, and that is why we believe in data-driven relationship building.


4. We turn data into instantly actionable knowledge

65% of humans are visual learners. This means that most people need to see information displayed graphically to retain it. DC Analytics offers an interactive dashboard that displays your data through graphs and charts, while color-coordinating the five propensity categories. Your data is displayed in a way that just makes sense – and you don’t need to sift through spreadsheets.

With DC Analytics your data is just a click away! Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to sort and filter through your donors. And the filtering options are endless. You can filter by age, last gift date, propensity score, development officer, marital status, total donations, number of donations, monthly donor status, and the list goes on and on. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Essentially, if you can think it, we can make it happen. You can even see how each factor impacts a donor’s overall propensity score, so you can understand why your donors are given their scores and you can compare the differences between them. This can help you to identify which donors would benefit from a little extra love to push them from a “Good” donor to an “Excellent”.

Data visualization is also a great way to easily identify low propensity donors who are clogging your portfolios. While maintaining a connection with your top donors is essential, removing low propensity donors is equally important. You can keep morale high and yield the best results when you are not constantly calling low propensity donors.


5. The ROI makes sense

Do we need to say anymore? Okay, but only because you asked!

Did you know that DC Analytics is so effective that it’s paid for by the average value of one uncovered gift? Now that’s cost efficient. On top of that, you will save time and money by running more targeted campaigns, which can increase your revenue by more than 40%.

We are so confident in DC Analytics that we use it in our own programs for the best results, and it’s so accurate that it allows us to guarantee results. And it’s never let us down. This is because DC Analytics accurately predicts giving propensity, allowing you to reach out to the right donors.


If you are struggling to meet your goals, DC Analytics will help you optimize your fundraising, manage your donor data, and generate higher revenue – all without breaking the budget. With DC Analytics you can do what you do best, advance your organization’s mission and build lasting relationships. Start identifying your top donors today! Learn more: https://bit.ly/DonorCompassAnalytics