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Virtual Fundraising: Elevate Your Execution

Virtual wine tasting fundraising event

It may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual fundraising a new necessity. However, channeling contributions online has been an efficient and effective way to raise funds over the past decade. Charitable organizations have been accepting digital donations for years, even before the world went virtual. According to the 2016 Charitable Giving Report by […]

Donor Relationship Management in a Digital World

Donor Management virtually through a tablet

While this uncharted and unpredictable moment in time has posed unique challenges to nonprofit organizations, the need to serve populations and communities has only increased. In the face of this challenge, organizations are remaining resilient despite more than three-quarters of nonprofits experiencing disruption to their services. With this disruption, the focus on digital donor relationship management is more important than ever.   With challenge can come opportunity. Managing donor relationships virtually can now give organizations a unique opportunity to leverage new strategies and […]