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5 Reasons to Avoid a Donor Wealth Screening

Meeting with wealthy donors found through a donor wealth screening

If you have worked for or with nonprofit organizations, you most likely know how important it is to have a deep understanding of donors when planning a fundraising program. One method of gaining better donor insights is by conducting a donor wealth screening. However, this process doesn’t always provide accurate data for targeting donors. To […]

Causes and Correlates of Charitable Giving in Estate Planning

Causes and Correlates of Charitable Giving in Estate Planning: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Examination of Older Adults Final Report Submitted to the AFP/Donor Compass™ Planned Giving Research Grant Program July 2008 Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Georgia For more information, visit www.legacyleaders.com or call 215-351-5180.   Who is likely to […]