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6 Ways to Be Confident on Camera

Individuals shoot nonprofit video content to promote donor engagement.

A great way to promote donor engagement for supporting your foundation is with nonprofit video content, specifically, thank-you videos. This type of media is becoming increasingly popular in social media, email newsletters, and websites as a means of communication. Videos are multi-accessible and offer a quick message that packs a punch.

Nonprofit video content extends beyond donor thank-you messages as well. Video has become a staple for foundations focused on donor management as part of their communicative arsenal, from webinars to promotional pieces, to virtual meetings and events. These are all opportunities to collect donor data as well.

Some nonprofits are already using personalized thank-you videos to insert the name of each person . This article from Qgiv elaborates on the efficacy of this tactic. Specific video production companies specialize in this service, making it easier to offload this project to a reputable third party. Some companies include: Black Belt Productions (Toronto based,) Start Motion Media (multiple US locations,) True Film Productions (NY based,) Rafferty Weiss (located in Maryland,) and Imagination Creations (NY based as well.) There are likely other small film production companies local to your nonprofit that would also be able to create similar content.

Regardless of the nonprofit video content you are looking to produce, here are 6 surefire ways to be confident on camera.


1. Have a Script

A script is an excellent asset for successful video production, whether it is an automated (yet personalized) message, like a donor thank-you, or a webinar to educate your audience on crucial points. By placing your words on paper, you have a chance to review the content and rehearse.

Depending on the type of content and the audience, it may be beneficial to collaborate with the marketing team, an outsourced video production company, or a PR representative. They can help you write the best script to convey your overall message. Once your script is prepared, ensure you practice with your slides and content. Having a script to reference, especially for live events, will reduce the stress of being on-camera, by helping you feel confident and prepared.


2. Dress the Part

Here’s a simple yet effective tip. Leveraging psychology for a moment, your nonprofit likely has proper branding with a logo, color palette, etc. Suppose your foundation has branded apparel to wear, perfect. If not, incorporating branded colors in your outfit is a little tip to subtly re-enforce your nonprofit .

It always helps to look professional, of course, but dress to better match the type of content and the tone of the video. Perhaps the webinar is meant to be informal, so dress more casually. Maybe the donor thank-you video intends to be stripped down and personal, so a shirt and jeans could feel appropriate. It may seem trivial to work within the branded vision, but you want to represent your nonprofit to the best of your ability. Subconsciously, the viewer will note these seemingly small details. They will better identify your branding through these on-camera aesthetic tactics.


3. Get Creative

In addition to the above, get creative! Don’t shoot in the office if you don’t have to. Think of a fun storyline for your content, so that you can cross-promote your video (again, content-dependent) across social channels. Think of bringing a special guest in to join you and talk about the foundation. Come up with a unique backdrop, even if it’s a Zoom call. Throw in some fun animations or sound effects in the post-production. Use the creative capacity that nonprofit video content offers to cultivate a fun experience for your audience.


4. Be Original

No, you’re not reinventing the wheel. However, by getting creative, you can make content that is original and unique to your nonprofit. Don’t just copy old templates. Find a way to have your nonprofit’s video content stand out. If you are on a marketing budget, you can easily create a set up in the office to shoot videos. Even from your desk, you can add in fun props or create an aesthetic background (think dollar store plants and décor). Professional videos no longer have to mean stiff, bland, and boring. Mix it up. Have fun, be yourself, and represent the purpose of your foundation at the same time.


5. Don’t Go at it Alone

Relationship building is vital when it comes to donor engagement. This collaborative focus can stem from your team. Get the appropriate departments involved, but request feedback and contribution from everyone. It will infuse your thank-you videos with more gratitude, energy, and sincerity.

Tap into the creativity of your staff with a brainstorming session. Rehearse in front of others and ask for script help. Talking to publicists, marketers, and other creatives is highly valuable. If you’re not confident on camera but must be the face of the content, you will feel more at ease through planning, preparation, and seeking support. Being confident on camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone; however, your passion for your nonprofit will outshine any shyness you may have.


6. Embrace Self-Care

Take care of yourself ahead of time by staying hydrated, fed, and focused. Ensure that you get adequate sleep the night before, and avoid drinking too much caffeine directly before filming begins. Doing a brief meditation or some breathwork will help to calm you if you are feeling nervous. Reducing your stress levels and remembering the greater purpose of your presentation will surely help you to create a great on-camera presence, and you’ll feel more confident in no time! And remember, confidence is a mind-set. As the saying goes, fake it ‘till you make it. If you act confident, you will exude confidence and your nonprofit will reap the benefits.


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