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Connecting with Gen X Donors

A group of Gen X donors discussing the charities they want to donate to

How well do you know your Gen X donors?


Social media has brought to light a playful battle between Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. This inspired a flurry of articles and memes, but Gen X is usually overlooked. Gen Xers, or the Lost Generation, were born from 1965 – 1980 and are currently between the ages of 57 and 42. This generation is usually labeled as cynical or disaffected. However, their core values include independence, education, and environmental protection. Gen Xers consider philanthropy as a huge part of their identity and have the highest volunteer rates, which shows that they could be a huge source of revenue for charitable organizations.

Most nonprofits target Baby Boomers for their revenue. But reports show that Gen X Americans will inherit around $29.6 trillion in the Great Wealth Transfer, and 63% of the wealth will be given by Boomers. This means that your nonprofit has a huge opportunity to increase your revenue by tapping into this market.

It’s important to know how to appeal to Gen Xers to ensure recurring revenue from this generation. Here are 3 tips to help you connect with Gen X donors.


1. Advertise your impact

Gen Xers like to know how their donations are helping nonprofits. Philanthropy is an important part of their identity and seeing the results of their impact motivates them to give more.

Displaying your donors’ impact on your website and social media goes a long way. A great way of showcasing their impact is by sharing success stories and testimonials from people on the receiving end. Gen Xers like receiving newsletters and personal thank you phone calls with updates about their impact. You can thank them for their gift while inspiring them to give again. When you keep them updated about how their donations are helping your cause, they are more likely to trust your organization and continue giving.


2. Keep your social media up to date

Unlike Baby Boomers, Gen Xers are highly active on social media. Individuals from this generation are motivated to give by seeing and interacting with your nonprofit on social media. Research shows that more than 88% of Gen X is on Facebook, making this a great platform to connect with Gen X donors.

Share updates, impact stories, and upcoming fundraising events. Treat your nonprofit’s Facebook page as a one-to-one communication channel with your Gen X donors. And the secret to improve your reach: post questions and engage with the responses. Gen Z may be the influencers, but Gen X loves to have an online opinion. They will like, comment, and when passionate enough, even engage in online debates. This is a great way to engage existing donors, while attracting new ones.

To encourage your online supporters to become dedicated donors, ensure that giving is as easy as possible. Include a “Donate Now” button on your profile, which will direct users to your donation landing page. You can also share a link to your donation page in your posts and comments.


3. Host virtual events

Another way to connect with Gen X donors is by holding online events like . Peer-to-peer campaigns allow your nonprofit to engage current supporters, who can then reach out to their own networks. As Gen X is highly active on Facebook, holding these campaigns will bring attention to your nonprofit’s social media presence. This will be beneficial in creating social proof of your cause and campaign.


Gen X may be overshadowed by Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z, but they can be a consistent stream of revenue for your nonprofit. Strengthen your relationship with Gen Xers by illustrating the impact of their donation, keeping your social presence updated, and hosting virtual events.

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