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Giving Tuesday 2022: How to Increase Online Donations

During any calendar year, there are signature events and dates that provide opportunities for nonprofit organizations. Some may relate to seasonality, around the month of December and the Holiday season for example, while others may be unique to your organization. One opportunity that is shared amongst us all is Giving Tuesday, stylized online as #GivingTuesday .


What is Giving Tuesday?

As a global movement for giving and volunteering, Giving Tuesday takes place on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving. This year, the calendar date is November 29. This movement is known as a “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world”. It represents the “opening day of the giving season”, a time when everyone can join together in support of their most favorite causes.

Last year, over $2.7 billion was donated to North American nonprofit organizations by a reported 35 million on Giving Tuesday. This is a 9% increase, compared to 2021. Since its start in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown tremendously – an impressive 1249% in growth when comparing 2019 vs 2012.


How can online engagement support my nonprofit organization?

If you haven’t participated in Giving Tuesday in previous years, or perhaps you have not developed a strategy prior to this coming November, you may be considering how this can support your organization. As we move into this now staple opportunity, it blends the benefit of a global event with the power of online engagement. An important focus to consider is the power of millennials and Gen-Z, with their social power behind online engagement. With 83% of millennials being inclined to give to charity, the  best methods and mediums of connecting with this audience is one to consider.

Online giving in 2021 grew 9% year over year, with a lift in small and medium size organizations. As we prepare for Giving Tuesday, we expect a continued increase —  one that can tremendously benefit your organization as you close this calendar year.



Here are 5 ways you can increase online donations during Giving Tuesday:

1. Become a partner of Giving Tuesday

The first step in connecting your nonprofit organization to Giving Tuesday 2022 is to become an official partner. You can register here. If you want to be a partner, you must be a charity, social enterprise, company, brand, community group or school, that helps charities or nonprofits. Signing up gives you access to be featured on the Giving Tuesday website.

Registering as an official partner can help to give additional credibility to your campaign, supporting and fostering trust with new donors. You can also receive official communications, including recommendations for material development and potential engagement opportunities on social media.


2. Develop your social media strategy

If you haven’t done so already, check out our blog on social media mistakes to avoid. Ensure that you exclude them from your #GivingTuesday social strategy.

Before you embark on this strategy,  it is important to consider your goal for the campaign. Refer to your goal and the purpose for your funds in your social media strategy. Update your donors along the way around your progress. Instagram and Facebook Stories are great ways to provide near-real time updates, showing the original goal compared to actual donations.

When developing your approach, consider the following three stages:



Ahead of Giving Tuesday, prepare your social audience for engagement. Two or three weeks prior, remind your audience and potential supporters about the importance of the day. This can come in the form of updated Facebook profile headers, pinned tweets, or a custom Instagram Reel. Consider how a countdown might work for your nonprofit organization.



On November 29th, showcase how your organization would use the donations that come through on Giving Tuesday. Share all of the great programs in your organization, from stories that inspire to aspirations that you have. Keep your audience engaged and active on event day, and be sure to use the following hashtags #GivingTuesday.



Once a donor has engaged with your organization, don’t stop there! Consider compiling videos, photos, and other creative media to share after Giving Tuesday. Follow-up with how the donations are dispersed and utilized, and how they connect your audience with their impact. And like always, remember to send a thoughtful thank-you.


3. Engage your email database

Email communication is an essential tool in your overall engagement strategy. Your subscribers have already indicated interest in your organization, and perhaps some have already previously donated. If you have segmented your audience through your email newsletter, consider frequently communicating with highly engaged individuals.

With your email strategy, consider a similar approach to social — a pre-event, day-of, and post-event update. Consider starting your email campaign one week after your social campaign begins.


4. Spur participation with matching funds

Did you know? 1 in 3 donors say that they would give a larger gift if they knew that it would be matched or doubled. If your organization is able to, you can integrate contests, challenges, or matching funds within your existing strategy to make a big difference on Giving Tuesday. Accomplish this by identifying generous donors who might consider giving their year-end gift early. Or, you could do it with collaborative corporate support.

Whether you pursue individual or corporate donors, a campaign that includes matching funds as a tactic can help to bring additional support. You could even integrate this with your social media strategy —  for example, $1.00 for every like that a post generates, or every re-share that a photo gets. This will not only help to generate donations, but it will also increase online engagement. Thus, allowing more people to become aware of your cause.


5. Tap into the official Giving Tuesday channels

 As an organization, Giving Tuesday provides significant support through social media, their website, email, and otherwise. Connect with Giving Tuesday channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mentioning and tagging these channels will  support your engagement strategy, along with helping to amplify your organization’s existing profile.

Giving Tuesday is an important and significant date on the calendar for nonprofit support. On November 29th, this movement invites all organizations to pursue acts of kindness, no matter how big or small. If you are planning on participating this year, consider how these five tactics may help to support your organization in raising awareness, increasing donations, and growing for the future.


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